Review Of 5Dimes

If you live in the Evergreen State and you want to bet on sports, you’ll love 5Dimes. It’s the best place for legal sports betting in Washington. Not only is it safe and legal, it is beloved by fans all across the United States and the world. It has a reputation of great customer service. Its list of deposit and withdrawal methods is much larger than other sites, and its bonus options are the envy of the industry. You’ll have so much fun betting on a large variety of exciting sports, casino games, poker, and more.

If you’ve never bet before or are just curious, 5Dimes welcomes you with open arms. It’s not just for pros, although it is the site that seasoned bettors use the most. Other sites on the web attract you with bright colors and annoying advertisements. You won’t be bombarded with any of that when you visit 5Dimes. Instead, you’ll find a smashing sportsbook, a rad racebook, outstanding poker rooms, and all the casino games you could ever want!

So read on, and discover why so many people are joining 5Dimes. We’ll tell you all about some of the fantastic features of the best legal sports betting site in Washington. We will take you through the signup process, explain the nuts and bolts of federal and state law, and shine a light on some of the fun-filled features you’ll find on 5Dimes. If you are looking for the best in online sports betting and casino action, the search is over. What you are looking for is right in front of you.

What Does The Law Say About 5Dimes?

5Dimes Sportsbook5Dimes is a legal betting site for Washington residents. It is located in San Jose, Costa Rica, and has a gaming license. Anyone can use 5Dimes as long as they are old enough. Because 5Dimes is based overseas, it is not tied to United States law. That means that it doesn’t have to abide by the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). If you’ve never heard of PASPA before, it was drafted in 1992 in the hopes that it would reverse the trend of organized crime related to sports betting. Under PASPA legislation, all except a few states are not allowed to have state-sponsored sports betting operations. The only states that can are Nevada and Delaware, and this is only because these two state had sports betting for years before PASPA was a blip on the horizon.

I’m only mentioning PASPA to shed some light on why 5Dimes has to function outside of the US, and why it is legal to do so. In fact, PASPA is not the only law on the books that pertains to sports betting. There are a few others that we will get to later. For now, though, just take my word for it that online sports betting is legal and safe. You will not get in trouble for using 5Dimes. No law has been written that targets individuals, so you are in the clear.

But Is It Safe To Bet At 5Dimes?

With so much computer frauds and cybercrimes in the world, it’s understandable that you would have some reservations about the safety of an online betting site. But trust me, 5Dimes is very safe. As I mentioned earlier, it has a great reputation. It’s been around for almost twenty years, and in that time has established itself as one of the top online betting sites in the world. Millions of people bet with 5Dimes every single day. If there were any doubts as to its safety, you wouldn’t be seeing those kinds of numbers.

You may be wondering how 5Dimes protects against hackers and identity thieves. The answer is top-notch security. 5Dimes is hosted on a secure and encrypted server. That means that any information being sent out is transformed into long strings of code that can’t be cracked without a special key. It’s the same kind of advanced technology that online banking systems use. Consider that millions of people make deposits and withdrawals every day, and nothing bad ever happens. 5Dimes can’t afford to tarnish its reputation by having a weak security system.

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Will I Get In Trouble For Using 5Dimes?

No, you will not get in hot water for using a legal site like 5Dimes. The only way a Washington resident could possibly get in trouble is if you used a site based in Nevada or Delaware of if you are underage. 5Dimes is a legal site based in Costa Rica that functions within the full limit of the law. The primary purpose of betting laws was to stop mob organizations from making money off of sports betting. Take the Wire Act, for example. This law was passed in 1961 when crime related to sports betting was on the rises. The Wire Act made it so you could no longer transfer money or betting information from one state to another using a wire communications facility.

With the rise of the internet, online betting sites kept popping up everywhere. In 2006, Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which placed limits on the ways that online sites could transfer money to and from accounts. This law stirred up a lot of debate among lawmakers. The UIGEA was railroaded through the courts without being read by anyone in Congress. It was sneakily added on to the end of the Safe Port Act, which was a completely unrelated piece of legislation.

I only bring up these laws to make it clear that they do not apply, for the most part, to 5Dimes. The UIGEA makes it so you can’t make a withdrawal using a credit card, but other than that, these laws only apply to sites that function within the United States. Besides, nowhere does it say that a Washington resident or any United States citizen can’t use an overseas betting site. If that were the case, so many people would be in jail right now. On the contrary, no one has ever been arrested for using 5Dimes or any other online betting site.

OK, So How Old Do I Have To Be And How Do I Sign Up?

Every state has its own betting age. Washington is a little different from most states in that the betting age isn’t specific. It varies between 18 and 21. There are casinos in Washington, and at most of them the age is 21, but at some it is 18. In the case of sports betting, though, 5Dimes has its own age limit, which is 18. So as long as you follow 5Dimes’ rules, you should be fine. Signing up is easy. Find the blue tab that says “register now” and go from there. Enter your information, click “register,” and you’re done. The next thing to do is make a deposit.

What Deposit And Payout Methods Are Available At 5Dimes?

There are lots of both. The easiest way to deposit is to use a credit card. There is no fee and it only takes seconds. The minimum is only $50, the maximum is $500, and you can deposit at any time. Another popular way to deposit is person to person, which uses MoneyGram or Western Union as a carrier. Person to person is also very fast, usually no more than a few hours. There are several other options available, but I want to tell you about one more: Walmart gift card. The nice thing about the Walmart gift card is that there is no minimum or maximum, and there are no fees. You can pick up a Walmart gift card at any Walmart location.

Payouts are just easy as deposits, and there are several excellent options available. Person to person is one of the most common ways to withdraw. It doesn’t take long, under 48 hours, and there are several MoneyGram options you can choose. If you have a lot of money you want to withdraw, you might want to consider a cashier’s check. The maximum is $7,500, which is a pretty high sum. Other payout methods include bitcoin and gift cards. Check 5Dimes’ funding methods page to see all of the options.

What Do I Do If I Have A Question Or Comment?

5Dimes has the best customer service options you’ll be able to find on any online sports betting site. They have phone numbers for all of their services, including sports wagering, horse wagering, new accounts, and general customer service. You’re welcome to contact them via email or fax if you so choose. 5Dimes customer service staff are always on hand to answer any question you want to ask. At 5Dimes, pleasing members is the number one priority.

What Exciting Bonuses Does 5Dimes Offer?

Everyone loves bonuses, right? Well, 5Dimes has some very valuable bonuses and promotions. When you sign up, you’ll automatically be eligible for reduced juice. Reduced juice cuts the interest on a bet by 50 percent. So if the normal juice on a hundred dollar bet is $10, reduced juice means you only pay $5. But that’s not all! There are all kinds of other bonuses you can try, like the new player reward of 50 percent and the point mover program, which allows you to buy points on the spread, thereby increasing your chance of a win!