Review Of BetOnline

Washington residents deserve a good sportsbook. Unfortunately, unless you want to drive 16 hours to Nevada to go to a casino, you don’t have tons of options. Nevada and Delaware are the only two states that have any kind of legal sports betting. So what’s an Evergreen State resident to do? There is an answer, and it’s called It is a fully functional online casino/sportsbook/racebook/poker room that offers the best legal sports betting in Washington. With so many great bonuses and promotions to choose from, there has never been a better time to sign up than right now!

BetOnline is an action-packed and fun-filled online betting site that has a burnished reputation. It holds a gaming license and has won numerous awards and commendations. It has even been advertised on several major cable news networks, including CNBC and Fox Sports. Millions of sports fans all around the world trust BetOnline. Its state-of-the-art security software ensures that you are as safe as you can be when transferring money or placing bets.

When you visit BetOnline, you will be blown away by the look and feel of the site. It doesn’t get much classier. It is modern yet familiar, flashy yet laid-back, busy yet subdued. In some ways it mimics the duality inherent in modern humans. This contradictory nature makes sense when you consider that BetOnline is all things to all sports betting fans. No one is looked down on and everyone is welcome, whether it’s your first bet or thousandth. When you join BetOnline, you can always take comfort in the fact that you belong to a legion of like-minded individuals who are united in the pursuit of the Almighty Wager.

BetOnline has some of the best special features for Washington residents. Signing up is as easy as entering some basic personal information and making a deposit. As soon as you put some money in your account, you will be eligible for some great bonus options, including free plays and reload. You’ll learn more if you keep reading. You’ll also learn about some sensational special features like mobile betting, which lets you bet from your mobile phone, and live in-game betting, which allows you to bet on the action simultaneously while watching the game play out in real time. This page will tell you all about the wonderful world of BetOnline.

Is BetOnline Legal To Use In Washington?

Yes, BetOnline is legal and safe. One of the most important laws that concerns sports betting is the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), which was created in 1992. It was effective in banning sports betting in every state except Nevada and Delaware. Don’t let PASPA freak you out, though. It only applies to sites that are based inside the United States, which basically means Nevada and Delaware. BetOnline is based in Panama, and so isn’t affected by PASPA. The only reason why PASPA exists in the first place is because of organized crime related to sports betting. So unless you are involved in a major criminal operation, I’d say you’re on safe ground.

Is It Safe To Use BetOnline In Washington?

Players in Washington can open up their internet browsers and head to BetOnline for sports betting. BetOnline gives the players of the United States a safe site for betting on the Seahawks or the Mariners. This site can accept bets from Washington residents because they host from outside of the US. Sites like BetOnline are untouchable by US prosecutors and the site’s members can use their websites safely because laws in the US are not targeting the player. Washington State is a little unique with their online stance and we don’t recommend breaking any laws to make a bet. If the residents of Washington need a book for their buck, they should check out BetOnline.

BetOnline exists outside of the federal laws and don’t require anyone to jump legal hurdles to make a sports bet online. The government enacted a regulation in the 1960s called the Wire Act. They thought that this would stem the mafia syndicates that made millions through illicit bookies. In the years following, these outdated laws were applied to modern businesses on the web. It’s modern day scare tactics to say a casual bettor will be put in jail for any violation of the Wire Act, because that is simply not true. The Wire Act provides an assurance to anyone who is considered a casual bettor and this law goes after the individual or organization that facilitates wagering.

Is This Sportsbook Trusted In WA?

BetOnline’s community is one of the largest on the web and this site sees more action than half the casinos on the Vegas strip. All of this site’s members trust that their personal information and credentials safe from hackers because BetOnline employs sophisticated anti-hacking technology. This online sportsbook’s financial transactions are encrypted and this information is routed through secured networks. Edward Snowden couldn’t figure out how to get into their virtual vaults. We trust BetOnline’s guarantee, every dollar they receive is going to be safe and secure.

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Who can sign up At BetOnline?

There’s only one thing that’s important to a chalk player and that’s where to make a fortune. BetOnline accepts any player from all over the world and they’ll take players from all fifty states in the US. Washington State doesn’t have an official age restriction for betting and BetOnline requires each member to be at least 18 years old. Don’t try to scam BetOnline, because this superb site double checks the ages upon payout requests. They ask for simple verification of identification to provide a front line of defense against fraudulent payouts and activity that could hurt their community. BetOnline is committed to giving every player a high quality experience that is fun and safe for everyone.

The UIGEA is a law that passed in 2006 and it drove all these fantastic websites out of the country, signaling the end of US-based sports betting sites. This law was a hassle for the US companies, but there were plenty of sites that kept the action going with international hosting. Even after the passing of UIGEA, it’s safe for these websites to offer membership to anyone in the United States.

How Do I Make Deposits At BetOnline?

Making deposits with BetOnline is a cinch, and completed in no time flat. Washington natives will be betting in the blink of an eye using the preferred credit card deposit option. BetOnline accepts most major credit cards, and fees for this transaction are 6.5% each time. Washington players can deposit a maximum amount between $1000 to $3500 and a minimum amount of $50. BetOnline also has other options available that do not require a credit card, such as person-to-person transfers, i.e. Western Union and Money Gram. Each deposit option comes with its own separate fees and limits. You can access all the options available to players at the cashier page located at BetOnline.

How Do I Make A Withdrawal at BetOnline?

When Washington players request a withdrawal at BetOnline, cashier associates make it a simple and headache-free transaction. BetOnline wants to get winning players their prize money. They have come up with an extensive list of payout options in order to accomplish this. Person-to-person or money orders are the go-to payout option for most members. With a person-to-person transfer, you just have to make a request through the cashier, and they will give you a referral number that you will take with you to your nearest money order retailer, i.e. Western Union/Money Gram. Once there, you will fill out some paperwork using that referral number, and then they will give you your winnings. This process can take up to 36hrs, but is usually completed before then. As with deposits, payout options have a minimum amount of $50 and a maximum amount of $600. Person-to-person withdrawal fees depend on the amount of the payout, which can run $26-$100. The large list of payout options vary by fees and terms, so it is in your best interest to look at all the options at BetOnline to find the one that works for you.

Does BetOnline Offer Good Bonuses?

BetOnline provides a wide range of rewards for new and seasoned sports bettors. New Washington players can qualify for the 25% welcome bonus. The welcome bonus can be redeemed when a new player makes their first deposit, at which time all you have to do is enter the special promo code. Promo codes are located on the promotions page. Be sure to check this page often as codes and rewards change. Depending on your deposit amount, this 25% welcome bonus can add up to $1000 in your account. What an incredible deal! BetOnline also offers the 50% reload bonus, which is a lifetime bonus that is available to all seasoned sports bettors to keep their accounts bursting with cash. This bonus can also be redeemed after a deposit using the promo code at BetOnline’s promotions page.

What Other Special Features Does BetOnline Offer?

The most exciting part of BetOnline is the spectacular features furnished to players. Are you always on the go? Many of us barely have time to sit down or get 5 minutes of peace. So, once you get your 5 minutes, what do you do with them? I will tell you. Get on BetOnline’s mobile betting app and have the entire wondrous world of sports betting action at your fingertips. Download nothing to use this app, and it’s free for all BetOnline players. You can place bets, change account settings, and make deposits and withdrawals from your android or smart phone. Get to your quiet place and start wagering at BetOnline’s mobile betting site today!