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The Pacific Northwest has a different stance on gaming regulations, but there are still good options for legal sports betting in Washington. The state features many Native American casinos and they are authorized to offer card rooms and slot machines, but they don’t offer any sportsbooks. Washington’s leaders aren’t going to change their minds any time soon because they feel like their card rooms and Indian casinos are enough entertainment. They’re dead wrong. Washington residents want reliable and safe betting options that they can’t find in the state land-based casinos, so the clever ones have went online and started using is hosting their great service from tolerant Panama City, Panama. This nation has legal sports betting and they are allowing their companies to accept United States citizens. Thousands trust the online sportsbook and they have a revered reputation for delivering the highest odds on MLB lines and the most choices for NFL sports betting. also has a full-featured online casino with slot machines and table games. Thousands of players find all the Vegas amenities online without paying the cost to travel.

Residents of Washington are going to find sports betting online, and this site is safe for US citizens, and they protect their customers with dutiful vigilance and devotion. Sign up to the largest online community and spend time playing with people from all over the globe. Hackers have a better chance of escaping Alcatraz than getting player information off’s secure servers. Their large sportsbook has hundreds of competitions daily and include multiple ways to play for casual and experienced bettors alike.

Is Legal To Use in Washington

SportsBetting.agThis is a tough question to answer for the residents of Washington. Players can still go online and use to place wagers on the Seahawks and the Mariners, but the state has a distinctive approach to gaming in the state and their congressional leaders have passed legislations pertaining to online sports wagering and internet casinos. We don’t condone any illicit gambling and it may be risky, but the problem with the state’s law is that there’s no way to enforce this on the players. We’re not lawyers, so check with any local Washington attorney to get the best legal advice.

The United States government passed a bill back in the 90s called the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. This law was passed with the hopes of ending illicit bookmaking on sporting competitions all over the United States. Certain organizations and states were authorized under an exception to continue collecting bets and offer sportsbooks, but Washington state wasn’t one of them. No player will find a legal sportsbook at a Washington Indian casino, but they can find one at The site is hosted from Panama City, Panama and they offer an alternative to traveling across the country for Washington residents.

Is It Safe To Use SportsBetting?

There isn’t a single online sportsbook that doesn’t accept Washington residents for legal sports betting online and is no exception. They provide a safe platform for the people of the United States to bet against their friends. Washington’s strict internet gaming laws are targeting operators more than the players. It’s possible for players in Washington to log on and use an online sportsbook that is located offshore and out of the jurisdiction of US federal law. There aren’t any laws that prevent Washington residents from joining an international sportsbook and placing bets online. is a safe place for bets on the top teams of the NFL and the MLB.

Is SportsBetting Trusted By Seasoned Bettors In Washington?

Players that use are the most loyal members of any sports betting site. They have an immense community with millions of players that trust this site with their hard earned dollars. is a regulated gaming site that is audited multiple times a year by the government of Panama. The regulators have standards for impartiality and check the virtual software to ensure that the casino is treating their customers fairly. The sportsbook review board is an independent study that awards a rating based on the satisfaction of their customers and the competitiveness of their virtual software. This top ranked site has been given an A+ rating by the sportsbook review board for over 16 years consecutively.

Why Should I Join

Washington residents should join because this site has thousands of lines with the best odds. Their sportsbook is an interactive work of modern technology that streamlines the betting process. Placing a wager is easy at this site and currently is loading up the bank rolls of all their new players. Washington residents can get enrolled in minutes, make their first deposits, and take part in the action.

Getting started at is easy as pie, and who doesn’t love pie? When a player visits the website, they’ll see a modern approach to web design that is colorful and informative. They’ve brought sports betting technology into the new millennia. Other sites are stuck back in the 1990s with their dated website design, but not Any player can see the sportsbook without joining and when they’re ready to sign up to place a bet, all they need to do is click the large join now button. Signing up is free and it only takes a few minutes.

Who Can Sign Up?

If anyone in Washington is looking for legal sports betting, they need to be at least 18 years old. has terms and conditions that outline the appropriate ages and consequences for violating their age restriction. Plays could lose their account if found guilty of violating the T&Cs, so it’s best to not play with fire.

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Is My Money Secure At follows the same financial regulations as modern banking institutions. Their financial department takes their job seriously and not one player has lost their bank roll due to a clerical error. This site does business with modern technology and their secure website takes better care of your credentials than ordering your pizza. They trust elite third party affiliates to double check and verify all the transactions. Companies like the Visa network carefully process this site’s credit transactions through encrypted networks and trusted connections.

How Do I Fund My Online Sports Betting Account?

Funding an online sportsbook is fast and secure for anyone. The various methods offered are available to all their members. One of the ways to send in a deposit is to mail a check. Mailing a check is an old-school way to get your money to the site securely. The cost of postage is the only cost associated with sending in a money order. The best incentive for money order deposits is that they provide low fees on large deposits. Where some credit transactions are going to charge you 4.9%, you can deposit up to $9000, fee-free, using a money order. Western Union money orders are easy to get, just head down to the local super market and pick one up. is a website that easily works around the legal problems caused by the UIGEA. The unlawful internet gambling enforcement act of 2006, passed through congress in an attempt to stem the financial transfer of funds to illicit gaming sites. It cracked down on all the illegitimate sites that were scams and left the honorable sites, like, free to continue offering entertainment and sports betting to the citizens of the United States. The UIGEA placed a few stringent requirements on electronic transactions, but that isn’t a legal problem for websites based overseas and they offer many legal ways to fund an account.

Are There Bonuses For Washington Residents At SportsBetting?

Washington residents can receive a bonus just for signing up. hands out the biggest welcome bonuses because they want new players to stick around and game with them for years to come. When you visit the website, check the promotions page for a good look at all the seasonal offers. They have bonuses for specific sports, like the MLB dime lines or the reduced juice for NHL betting.

What Can I Bet On?

Washington residents can go on to the sportsbook and see all the categories. is an innovator in propositional and future bets and has a complete section for political elections as well. These are fun ways for casual bettors to place wagers. They have all the major sporting leagues from across the US and Washington residents can bet on their home teams like the former Super Bowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks. has an online casino to go along with their fantastic sportsbook. has hundreds of Vegas-style casino games that give players a chance to bet on black or roll lucky a 7 on the craps table. The online casino has everything you would find in Vegas, including the lovely ladies, when you try their live dealer area. Their card room has weekly tournaments that pay out thousands in prizes. Join for more than just legal sports betting in Washington.