Review Of Bovada

In 1917, the PCHA’s Seattle Metropolitans were the first team to win the Stanley Cup. Seattle is one of the largest growing metropolitan cities in the US to have only three of the four traditional “Big Four” American professional sports. This does not stop Washington sports fans from legally sports betting at Bovada though. With Bovada, you can get the latest action on the Seahawks, Mariners, the Sounders, Storm, and even the Rat City Rollergirls. Whatever your sports pick may be, if it is in Washington State, or anywhere on the globe, Bovada has you covered.

Everyone asks questions when they are not completely sure about something. Washington sports fans were provided with a questionnaire and asked what they wanted in a sportsbook, what questions did they have about legal sports betting, what were the concerns that they had about joining a betting site, and how could they tell if a sports betting site was legitimate? I am here to answer all of these questions and dispel any doubt you may have about Bovada. This site is the premiere and trusted sports betting site for all Washington natives!

Is Sports Betting Legal In Washington?

Bovada SportsbookYes, sports betting at Bovada is legal for Washington residents. Bovada originates out of Quebec, Canada and has been serving the Washington area for over 20 years. In most states, sports betting is forbidden by law. However, because Bovada is in neighboring Canada where US laws do not apply it is legal in Washington to bet with them. Players in Washington can bet freely on this site, and you will not be breaking any laws. Bovada accepts all state Washington players and it is recommended that you be 18 years old to play. If you are not 18, you should not gamble underage and should wait until you are of legal gambling age to join Bovada.

The law that I am referring to is the Wire Act. Back in the 60’s, it was not all love, peace, and chicken grease. It was a dark time in sports. Sporting events, the players, their coaches, etc. were under the ruling thumb of the mafia. Mobsters beat, murdered, and threatened, anyone and everyone, so games were fixed, players took dives, and coaches were paid off. This was all so that these criminals could get rich, and rip everyone off. To combat this threat the US passed the Wire act that made it unlawful to transmit betting information or money in a wire communication from state to state. This deterrent worked for a time, and then over the years the law changed repeatedly. A new bill proposed called the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, so far this bill remains unsuccessful.

Will I Get Into Trouble for Using Bovada To Sports Wager In Washington?

No, Washington sports fans will not get into trouble for wagering at Bovada. I haven’t found anything that would suggest that anyone has been in trouble for using Bovada, at least not in the Washington area. Bovada is a legal sports betting site for all Washington residents. The cause of why sports betting has become banned in the US is the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. Although, not all states are banned, there are a few states that have sports betting but only in their state, and you have to live there in order to place bets at a sportsbook. These states received special permission to have sports betting because they already had laws in place before PASPA passed. Therefore, those states remain exempt while the rest of the US remains banned. Many people, myself included think that it is wrong to discriminate against the rest of the states, and force them to adhere to PASPA regulation.

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Is Bovada A Trusted Site In Washington?

Yes, Bovada is a trusted sports betting site. Canada has been enjoying sports betting with Bovada for 20 years, without complaint. Bovada is licensed, and insured. The Canadian gambling commission inspects this site regularly. International gambling commissions also oversee them, because Bovada is globally used. This site has amassed millions of happy members, and their numbers keep going up every day. As a matter of fact, players specifically in Washington rank highest among memberships, and in the top five for player recommendations. Backed up by their reputation and player testimonials you can be assured that this site is trustworthy.

Is My Money Secure If I Use Bovada?

Yes, of course your money is safe if you use it at Bovada. This site is required to keep member accounts and private information confidential and secure. This is not a site that is run out of someone’s moms basement, this is a legitimate and respected business. Regulations by the Canadian gambling commission enforce strict rules and this site is expected to have the highest industrial grade security and IT software. This site is monitored 24/7 and customer service is only a click, or call away. Bovada is not just a run-of-the-mill betting site; it is a community of like-minded, caring individuals. This site is not like a land-based casino where the house robs you blind, and you leave feeling empty financially and emotionally. With Bovada they provide you with ways to double your money like with their many bonuses and rewards, they have continually added betting and money lines, and marvelous features that make sure you can take the fun with you anywhere.

Bovada has many different ways to make deposits. For Washington residents they prefer the credit card option as it goes through the fastest and allows them to start making wagers immediately. Bovada accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards, the fees for these cards are 4.9% for Visa, and 6.9% for MasterCard. Speed is important to members, and with credit card deposits, transactions happen within minutes. This site does require a minimum of $25, and a maximum deposit amount of $1000 with credit cards. For your very first deposit with Bovada, all fees are waived. This site also provides other means to make deposits and to get the full listing go to Bovada.

How Do You Withdrawing Your Winnings At Bovada?

People’s ears perk up when you start talking about payouts; well this should make them do a standing ovation. Payouts work akin to deposits only Bovada cannot legally payout to players using a credit card. The law that makes it unlawful to make such transactions is the UIGEA or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The only aspect of this law that affect sports betting directly is how this site can pay you your winnings. Bovada has a way around this by using two other methods of payouts that are just as advantageous and expeditious for players to use. Rapid Transfer is such a payout method. A rapid transfer is Western Union/Money Gram. Once you have asked for a payout through the cashier at Bovada they will send you a confirmation. You will then proceed to the nearest Western Union/Money Gram retailer or store fill out some quick paperwork, and they will give you your winnings. Usually, this transaction takes 1-to2 business days and you can take out a minimum of $300 or a maximum of $5000. For more info on the other payout method, go to the Bovada cashiers page.

When new Washington players sign up, and make a deposit with Bovada they can take advantage of Bovada’s $50 new player bonus. When you go to a land-based casino and give your money to the cashier to exchange for chips, they give you the same amount in chips that you gave them in money. When you use the bonus at this site you can literally double and even triple your betting bankroll and use it to make additional bets that could pay out huge. That is free money for bets; you cannot get that at a casino. You can use your bonus on anything in the sports, horses, or casino games section of the site. Visit Bovada to learn more about the gigantic list of bonuses you can qualify for on this site.

What Features Does Bovada Have?

The features at Bovada will leave you feeling dazed and deliriously happy. Mobile betting is the app that lets you take all the sports action you crave anywhere you like. You can relax in a warm bath and check out the most up to minute betting and money lines for each tantalizing sports event, or game. Look at all the props and future bets that will become available while sitting in your favorite chair. This app is free to Bovada members to use, and does not have to be downloaded. Iphones, android phones, ipads, and tablets with flash and java technology can expect uninterrupted, 24/7 connections. Players can manage their accounts, make deposits and request withdrawals with just a swipe of their finger. You can have the full range and control of this site without using a laptop or computer, so you do not have to miss any action on sports betting in Washington again. This site also offers tons more features and privileges when you join, so visit Bovada you will not regret it.